This is the complete package, and the recommended method for a full body transformation! What you’ll receive – A 12 week plan of structured workouts, with four distinct focuses. Scroll down to learn more about this package.


The R12 program is like no other. It is a fully scripted 12 plus week workout plan designed to completely change your body. Made up of four individual training blocks, R12 will first reintroduce your body to the world of exercise with Adventure. You progress to bodyweight functional exercises with Brave. After Brave, it is time to add some traditional weight training into your workout routine with a little Conviction. After introducing your body to different methods of exercising, it’s time to pull them all together with Dedication, which combines weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and functional movements into four weeks of body-sculpting routines.

Would you rather focus on just weight training, full body functional exercises, or just do not feel ready to commit to a plan for 12 weeks? Adventure, Brave, Conviction and Dedication are available for individual purchase as well as other unique exercise programs. Visit our shop page for more information.

Adventure is designed as the first building block of fitness in the r12 program, introducing your body to physical activity. This block focuses on improving cardiovascular activity, and introducing your muscles, joints, and cardio-respiratory system to increased activity for extended periods. Since you might have jumped up from the couch and right into Adventure then take your time. Adventure is designed for one week, but it can be done for one week or twelve week, whatever your body needs to get ready for the next step.

Brave is a four-week program designed as the second building block of fitness in the r12 program, introducing your body to bodyweight exercises and functional movements. This block is focused on challenging your body through functional fitness routines, utilizing full body exercises, body weight exercises, light weights, and cardio training circuits. Brave is a challenging routine, if you feel like you need to keep going with Brave for a couple more weeks, then go ahead. Tackle Conviction when your body is ready.

Conviction is designed as the third building block of fitness in the r12 program, introducing your body to traditional weightlifting. This four week block is focused on learning traditional weightlifting techniques to target train different muscle groups, combined with cardio bursts to focus on building lean muscle and cardio-respiratory health. Conviction will not add on the pounds to make you bulky. Weight training is essential to maintain muscle mass, to developing sexy curves, and to accelerating fat loss, each of which requires Conviction.

Dedication is designed as the final building block of fitness of the r12 program, bringing together cardio-respiratory training and weight training into full body functional training. Dedication is designed around full body movements, with a focus on a major muscle group each day, utilizing bodyweight movement, cardio bursts, and traditional bodybuilding. This program will shape up that lean body you know is hiding in there, just waiting for your dedication to unveil it.

What you’ll receive –

  • A take-anywhere PDF file of 12+ week workout plan of structured workouts, with four distinct focuses
  • Adventure – 1+ weeks of reintroducing the body to exercise
  • Bravery – 4 weeks of bodyweight resistance and functional movement
  • Conviction – 4 weeks of introduction to traditional weightlifting
  • Dedication –  4 week combination of Adventure, Bravery and Conviction into a unique workout experience
  • Access to the True Grit Fitness exercise glossary
  • Email access and support from the True Grit Fitness trainers