Thank you for purchasing Heavy  and welcome to the True Grit Fitness approach towards body transformation! Heavy is a step-by-step guide for anyone looking to transform their body and put on muscle.

In Heavy, you will be starting your weight training from the ground up. The purpose is to add strength, develop muscle, improve body image and overall health and wellness. It is important that for first timers and people that have not picked up a weight in years to follow Heavy as closely as possible. It is designed to introduce your body to the proper weight training at the proper times with proper form. Designed to allow your body to proceed through the changes it needs while lifting heavy weights.
Prior to any physical activity, make sure you take the time to warm up and stretch which is part of the program, as this will decrease the potential for injury. Heavy is best performed in a gym with access to many different kinds of fitness equipment, but it can be completed in a home gym with some creativity.
When lifting weights, follow the guidelines given in the training log for how heavy of weight to attempt. You should strive to push yourself! However, proper form comes first, and you should never lift weight so heavy that it causes you to lose form, as this could lead to injury.
Rome was not built in a day and neither was your body. The following weekly rundown of Heavy might seem like a long time but your body will thank you for taking that time. Trying to lift too heavy or too complex of lifts too quickly could cause injury. Please remember to take your time, be safe, be careful and most of all, listen to your body. Heavy was designed to do over a 6 month (29 week) period with four completely different training blocks separated by 1 week de-load in between. If you feel like you need another 4 week round of a block before continuing onto the next block then please do so. The blocks get progressively more difficult as you work your way through the program.