Maintaining Proper Form – Rules of Fitness #6

Proper Form

It’s not enough to know what exercises to perform during your workout. You also have to know how to properly execute those movements to derive the greatest benefit from them. That goes for any kind of exercise, whether you are going for a jog, doing yoga, or lifting weights. To maximize what you get out of your exercise, you must maximize what you put into it, and that means using proper form at all times.

Prevent injury…

Learning and incorporating proper form helps prevent injury. There is a proper sequence of movement for each exercise. Abandoning that move set in favor of heavier weight or a move that will throw your body off-kilter is likely to lead to injury. Don’t overload or improperly balance your body.

Maximize your workout…

When doing weighted resistance exercises, maintaining proper form will maximize your lean muscle development. In some cases, that may make the exercise feel more difficult. But the form is of primary importance, and your muscles will react positively to that stimulus. Stick with the form to get the results you seek. If your form starts to fail, drop the weight or end the set.

Form matters, no matter what you’re working out!

Following form is important, even if you aren’t working with weights. Walking or running also requires sticking to a certain form. Best practices, such as bending your arms or landing on your heel, allow you to get more benefit from your cardio while improving your posture in everyday life.

If you’re working out on your own, using weight machines will help you establish and maintain proper form. You’ll also gain a sense of muscle memory which will help you understand what correct form should feel like during a specific exercise. A certified personal trainer can also teach you proper form and movement, making sure you get the best results from your exercise.


Take the time to do it right.

You want to get the most out of your workouts, and keep yourself injury free so that you can keep working out. That’s why maintaining proper form is vital. If you struggle with form, talk to us! We can work with you in person or distance using videos to help you keep your gains going!


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